Check out the 999Bottle Limited Edition design chosen by our backers!

Last week, we invited our Kickstarter backers to vote on the design of the Limited Edition 999Bottles. They jumped on the chance to participate, cast their vote and have their design voice heard. In three days, we got almost 300 votes and we now have a winner! But before we unveil that I’d like to share a bit more of why it was important for us to involve supporters in this decision.

One of many bottle shape concepts we tried. See more on Facebook.

One of the reasons Artefact embarked on the 999Bottles project was to take a concept, that we firmly believe in, all the way from our sketch pad to market. As a design consultancy, we have the privilege to work with leading companies to shape the design for innovative products and create the overall concept of unique user experiences. But we are only a small part of the entire process.  999Bottles gives us the opportunity to be involved all the way through—from the more significant details and visible ones, like the shape of the bottle, to the less obvious ones, like the bar on the cap that allows you to attach a carrying strap and then taking the idea to the public. So why did we give up some of the control in the design?

Cap with a bar for attaching a strap

We wanted to show our supporters a token of appreciation for their support.  In less than a month, more than 500 people pledged money for 999Bottles on Kickstarter. Without our supporters, 999Bottles is simply an idea.

We wanted to give supporters more ownership in the journey. Our backers’ support does not end with their pledge. We rely on them to spread the word and become champions to 999Bottles so we can reach our funding goal.

The Limited Edition 999Bottles is a way to commemorate our Kickstarter community. If we succeed in reaching our goal (and we hope we do), we may make thousands of 999Bottles. Yet these 999 Limited Edition bottles will always symbolize the passion and commitment of these first supporters. What better way to do that than letting backers choose the design?


The winner is the Personalized Limited Edition 999Bottles! It features the backer’s name and the unique number of the bottle.

The second most popular design was the Engraved World Map. It features a subtle texture and aunique number per bottle. When we asked our Facebook fans to guess the winning design, they actually chose this option.

And the third lonesome design one was the Stainless Steel Polished Finish(chrome look).

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