Artefact is an award-winning technology product design company dedicated to using the power of design to improve people’s lives. With offices in Seattle and San Francisco and an experienced team of 40 designers, researchers and developers, Artefact is among the most innovative product design firms in the US today.

Since its inception in 2006, Artefact has continuously redefined product design by incorporating principles of behavioral economics, game theory and user experience design in order to induce meaningful changes in consumer behavior, this philosophy is expressed in what they call 21st Century Design. The company is working with some of the leading names in consumer electronics, as well as software and hardware manufacturers including Amazon, HTC, Microsoft, Panasonic, Research in Motion, and Samsung Electronics. At the same time, it has continued to invest in innovative concepts designed to push the boundaries of traditional thinking with award-winning solutions such as Seattle Children’s Patient Information System, Modwells – Personal Modules for Wellness, WVIL: Camera Futura and SWYP: See What You Print.

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