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Last word: Thank you!

We are just a few hours away from the end of our Kickstarter campaign. In 60 days, almost 650 people from over 20 countries pledged over $56K for an idea that aimed to take on a big issue. We created 999Bottles to help people grasp the cumulative impact that a small daily gesture can have, and motivate them to change their behavior to help make a big difference for our most precious shared resource: the environment.

Unfortunately, and despite your enthusiastic support and generous contributions, we are not going to meet our goal of $99,999 – the minimum capital we needed to bring to market the first run of 999Bottles.

While we are obviously disappointed, we feel thankful for the great support and opportunity to test our concept on Kickstarter. And we feel particularly proud of:

Your faith and enthusiasm for 999Bottle, which encourages us to believe that there is an opportunity and demand for well-designed products that directly encourage a change in behavior for a preferable future, this is after all, what we believe design in the 21st Century is all about.

We attracted the attention of key partners, from retailers Fab and, to organizations like NorTech, whose interest and support for 999Bottles showed us that ecaring about the environmental impact we have is something not only consumers are ready for, but businesses embrace as well.

The buzz around 999Bottles was fueled by top publications like MashableDiscovery and Geekwire and it reached even celebrities and activists like Seattle Seahawk’s wide receiver Golden Tate and UN Citizen Ambassador, Jonathan Eric Defante, who lent us their voice and shared the 999Bottles message.

More than anything, we are humbled by your support. You are an engaged and positive community, you pledged, spread the word, shared via social media channels, and sent us ideas for the product and suggestion for how to get more people to see the concept.

In some ways the decision to try to bring 999Bottles to market was a difficult one. It represented a big commitment in terms of time and effort – and one that involved a good deal of financial risk. It would have been easy (or even tempting) not to stick our necks out. But we’re happy we saw an opportunity and took that leap. We cannot necessarily rely on others to take the first step to make a difference, and some of the issues we face will require all of us to act – and every incremental positive change you make does really does add up to a bigger contribution. Crowdfunding is a powerful tool for individuals and small groups of people to test ideas and bring new products to market. With the recent Job Act, we expect to see a lot more opportunities in this space.

What’s next for 999Bottles and Artefact?

We will continue to explore other funding avenues and if we manage to raise capital to produce this concept, you’ll be the first to know!

While our 999Bottles concept won’t be available this year, we encourage you to use any re-usable bottle and consider keeping track of the plastic bottles you save by marking your bottle with a Sharpie (like I do). Send us a picture or post it on — we’ll keep the channels open!

We at Artefact, will continue on our path to design products and experiences that influence behaviors for positive outcomes both through our incubation and consulting activities. We invite you to keep in touch with us on and Twitter @artefactgroup for future updates.

PS. Golden Tate still plans to give away a signed football to one of our backers, the winner will be announced on Monday. Stay tuned!

Hoping for a last-minute miracle, Discovery News and Geekwire chime in to support us!

We’re down to the last 70 hours of the Kickstarter campaign, and though it’s going to be a looooong shot for us to make it we can’t give up hope now and we’re seeing a resurge of pledges in the last few days as well as some great press form GeekWire who ran a profile piece on Fernd as Geek of the Week and today’s last minute support plea from Discovery News. This just may just help us turn the boat around!

Brand66 calls @artefactgroup concept a “fantastic” way to visualize the impact of our choices

Sure, it’s idealistic, but Artefact’s proposed 999bottle would be a fantastic way to help visualize the impact of buying bottled water. The re-usable container sports dials which allow you to keep track of how many times you’ve re-filled the bottle.

While the dial keep tracks of the number of bottles you save – the app helps visualize the impact of your non-consumption: At 8 bottles, you will have amortized your initial purchase, 15 bottles is a stack about as tall as a giraffe.  At 147, the bottles you non-consumed have saved you $326 and 7 gallons of oil. Stacked on top of each other that would amount to a 15 story building.

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