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Father’s day gift idea: 999Bottles!

With 21 days to go and 47K to raise, we are doubling up efforts as we approach the finish line. We’ve created a new reward for those who would like to gift 999Bottles to someone special. here are the details of the new reward:


Buying a 999Bottle as a gift? We will mail you a personalized ownership certificate, signed by 999Bottles creator, Fernd van Engelen, by June 30. The actual bottle will be available in October. For shipping (of the bottle) please add: $5 for US; $12 for Canada; $22 for UK; $22 for Europe; $22 for Japan

BTW — Father’s day is coming up (wink, wink!) 

999Bottles gains momentum with Fab and support + New Corporate Packs for eco-conscious orgs

We passed the 50% mark in less than a month! For this, we’re releasing two new 999Bottles corp pack with a custom logo option and announcing our first retail partnerships with the award-winning and Read the official release below!

999Bottle mock-up with custom logo engraved.


 Unique Reusable Bottle Gains Support from Individual Backers from Five Continents

SEATTLE, Wash. –22, 2012 – Artefact, the award-winning technology product design firm, who launched a Kickstarter campaign last month to fund the manufacturing of its unique 999Bottles concept, announced that in less than a month, it has reached 50% of its funding goal of $99,999. The momentum is fueled by the support of almost 500 backers from five continents, the pledges from corporate partners like NorTech and the commitment of innovative retailers such as and Fab. Designed to encourage people to switch away from using environmentally damaging plastic bottles by helping them track and visualize the impact of their choices, the 999Bottles combines quality materials, sleek design and unique tracking mechanism. and Fab are two founding distribution partners who are committed to place 999Bottles on their innovative retail platforms. With an exclusive focus on providing moms easy access to the world’s best, healthiest products, online retailer is always on the lookout for products that do not compromise between eco-consciousness, design and ease-of-use. The 999Bottles’ no-fuss design, smart features such as the no-slip, no-scratch rubberized bottom and wide mouth for easy cleaning make it the perfect reusable bottle for any busy mom. The clever dials and the accompanying iPhone app encourage her to use it often for herself or as an interactive tool that teaches her kids environmental responsibility.

“Everything on our site is ecomom trusted. Our team of experts researches products, so you don’t have to,” said Jody Sherman, CEO and co-founder of “With its sleek design, positive environmental impact, and educational app, 999Bottles is the perfect addition to ecomom’s inventory of smart, healthy products for the family.”

In less than a year since its launch, Fab has become the destination for design-conscious consumers, looking to bring modern design into their lives. Key to the company’s success has been its ability to source and curate an inventory with the most uniquely designed products usually not available in mass-merchandise stores. Fab plans to include 999Bottles in its virtual catalog in the fall.

Businesses and non-profit organizations, that want to emphasize environmental responsibility in their corporate culture, have also embraced 999Bottles idea. To meet the demand for 999Bottles as a business gift or employee reward, Artefact is introducing a new reward category. The Green Leaders pack includes 100 999Bottles, while for larger organizations The Eco Corp Pack provides 250 bottles. Both options can also be customized with an engraved company logo. One of the first organizations to take advantage of this is NorTech, a nonprofit technology-based organization, dedicated to accelerating the growth of Northeast Ohio’s emerging technology industries, and a backer for 999Bottles.

“Environmental awareness and sustainability is part of our organizational culture,” said Rebecca O. Bagley, President and Chief Executive Officer of NorTech, “We believe that being good stewards of the environment starts with minimizing the impact of our own operations through conserving resources and reducing waste. The 999Bottles program helps us accomplish that goal.”

Crowdsourcing design: Backers choose the Limited Edition 999Bottle

We’ve been getting lots of questions about the Limited Edition 999Bottle on Kickstarter. This is an exclusive, one-time only, engraved design for our Kickstarter backers and we want you to pick the final design! 

We’re finishing up the details of a few concepts and we plan to release them next week with details on how to get the vote in.

Remember, there are only 999 of the Limited Edition bottles available so quantity is limited! Get your pledge in today 🙂

99Bottles Team @Artefact

New to Kickstarter? Here’s what to expect.

We’re getting very close to the official 999Bottles launch on Kickstarter. If you are not familiar with it, this is a platform that allows people to safely donate or invest in creative projects or ideas they like. It is also the easiest way to pre-order your bottle. Here is how it works:

1. You visit @999Bottles Kickstarter page (we will share the link when it goes live)

2. You select the level of support you are comfortable with. We have made it easy — you can donate as little as $1 or as much as you want.

3. For every level of pledge there is a @999Bottle reward, including the iPhone app, a bottle, a Kickstarter Limited Edition version of the bottle or a set of bottles.

4. All pledges/payments are processed through Amazon Payments and are absolutely secure.

5. If we receive enough pledges to reach our goal within 60 days, the project gets funded. If we fail, we do not collect any of the pledges and you get your money back.

Here is what CNN had to say about Kickstarter:

In Praise of Tap Water

In a New York Times editorial from August 2007, it is estimated that if you choose to get your recommended eight glasses a day from bottled water, you could spend up to $1,400 annually. The same amount of tap water would cost about 49 cents. One more reason to think about ways we can make drinking water from the tap more convenient for all of us.
“The real change, though, will come when millions of ordinary consumers realize that they can save money, and save the planet, by turning in their water bottles and turning on the tap.”

Where did the 999Bottles idea come from?

So why 999Bottles?

Here are some facts about bottled water that paint a scary picture:

1. Rise in bottled water consumption: Between 2004 and 2009, US consumption of bottled water increased by 24%

2. High environmental impact of production: It takes two to three liters of water to produce and distribute one liter of bottled water. In the U.S. alone, we use more than 17 million barrels of oil to create those disposable bottles (not accounting for the fuel to ship bottled water)

3. High environmental impact of disposal: About 80% of the bottles end up in landfills; it takes between 450-1000 years for a bottle to decompose.

4. No health benefits of bottled vs. tap water: In fact, recent articles suggest that decline in fluoridated tap water is causing increase in dental problems in children.